What happens at SoCraTesBE?

The gathering runs from Thursday 9 November to Sunday 12 November, 2017.

We’ll kick off Thursday evening with dinner at 7 PM. After dinner, around 8.30 PM, we will officially open the third edition of SoCraTes BE with a warm up session to get all the brains fired up. When the warm up session is finished, the floor is yours to continue the conversation, twist it around and branch it in every direction.

On Friday and Saturday, we’ll run an open space, in which every attendee is welcome and encouraged to propose talks, discussions, workshops or whatever else they choose to further every attendee’s knowledge and understanding of creating and maintaining software.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, attendees are encouraged to run social activities, from pair-programming to board games and everything in between.

The conference is officially over on Sunday the 12th after breakfast, but people can still join us for a nice walk or discover the beauty of La Roche-En-Ardenne, run a code retreat, or other informal activities.

Some sessions from our previous SoCraTes events:

  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP)
  • #nojenkins
  • BaconSnake
  • Refactoring legacy code workshop.
  • Practice TDD Katas in your favourite language.
  • What are the values behind Extreme Programming?
  • Agile estimating and planning workshop
  • Try out story mapping workshop.
  • Don't be dogmatic, be catmatic :-)
  • Help me create a game to practice feature pull.